Oak Valley - South Africa

The Elgin Valley
The Elgin valley is situated on an inland plateau surrounded by mountains some 70 km from Cape Town.

Altitudes in the valley range from 300 metres to 600 metres above sea level creating a cool climate opportunity for deciduous fruit, flowers and vineyards. A narrow range of mountains separates Elgin from the sea.

Elgin is bordered by the internationally recognised Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, home to a dazzling range of plant species unique to the Cape floral kingdom. This kingdom in turn is the smallest, but most diverse, floral kingdom on earth.

Oak Valley has become the 9th Biodiversity Champion under the wine industry's Biodiversity and Wine Initiative, with 282 hectares of prestine mountain fynbos under long term preservation and protection from argicultureal development.

Oak Valley - Wines
Oak Valley - Wines
Oak Valley - Wines

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